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Genki Surfers is a runner full of adrenaline, high speed gameplay and non-stop action exclusive for mobile devices. You´ll have to compete in different stages filled with danger and traps, all with a futuristic and sci fi settings. You´ll encounter fierce rivals that will test your skills, maybe you´ll survive a deadly track, maybe you´ll have to get a perfect score in one of the Trick Events, maybe you have to collect Lux Crystals, or maybe all of them! Anything can happen on Genki Surfers! As you play, you unlock new characters, new skateboards and a ton of special skills that will help you on the races and lead you to the championship.


In the distant future, there is a sport that quickly gained popularity and now it´s broadcasted to the whole galaxy: Genki Surfers. This is the most extreme and lethal competition ever, but the rewards are great. That´s why tons of competitors enter each year in hopes of becoming rich and famous. Of those candidates, only the most skilled are chosen to enter the games. Jesse Sparks is a young rookie who has made it to the finals. His lifelong dream is becoming champion and now has the chance to do it! However winning will not be so simple, because there are other racers who are just determined as he is: Alba Brake, a tough girl from the streets with really awesome skills; Trax Wheel, a giant man with a zen mind and unquestionable love for animals and nature (he´s never seen without his trusty cat companion); Dr. Nicola Bumper, an evil scientist who uses machines to cheat and even kill his opponents; and of course, the undisputed champion for the last 15 years, the mysterious masked surfer Nitro. Does Jesse have what it takes to fulfil his dream? Who´s gonna take the prize and become the next champion? Are you ready to become a Genki Surfer?


  • Test your skills as a Genki Surfer in stages full of action and danger.
  • Great character design and beautiful Sci-Fi stages.
  • Conquer the challenges of your rivals and reclaim the victory.
  • Gather crystals to unlock new characters and special skills.


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We are video game studio based in Yucatán (México) with a strong focus on creating high quality games with very distinctive aesthetics. We can be very versatile, working on our own IPs, but also advergames, simulators and other interactive media. Our first project was Ghost Apocalypse, currently available for iOS, and our second and third projects are Flat Kingdom and Lobo with Shotguns, planned to be released along this year, on Steam for PC and Mac!

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Genki Surfers Credits

Gerardo García
Project Director

Gustavo Monforte
Programming Director

Sergio Ortiz

Jose Acosta

Kolega Soberanis

Jose Roig

Wilhelm Bates

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