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Steam Linux


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$8 USD


Lobo With Shotguns is a retro-styled arcade game that will launch for PC and Mac. The game is being developed by Fat Panda Games and published by Games Starter, in México. In Lobo With Shotguns you’ll be in control of John Lobo, a tough werewolf that wields two big shotguns and is ready to blast all the monsters to save his girlfriend. You can also use your fists to deliver crazy combos or collect magical bullets that let you shoot fire, ice and even lasers. The game will feature a grading system for each stage, so you can come back anytime and improve your score.


Accused of murdering his wife, John Lobo is forced to leave his home and hide in the woods of Black Moon Ville. There he met Bianca the White Witch, she believed in his innocence, so she healed his physical and spiritual wounds. But somewhere else, the prisoners of the Black Moon Prison made a dark pact with the evil Crimson Monk. He transformed them into terrible monsters. With his new army, the Crimson Monk kidnapped Bianca in order to offer her as sacrifice to an ancient god. John Lobo rushed to the rescue, but he was no match for the mighty forces of evil. That’s when Belladona, the Black Witch, appeared and granted him two enchanted shotguns. Now it’s time to show those monsters who’s in charge!


  • Retro VHS style and sound.
  • Grindhouse cinematics.
  • Exciting boss battles.
  • Huge and deadly bosses.
  • Different ammo for inflicting different effects and damage to the enemies.
  • Retro mini games after every stage.


Launch Trailer YouTube


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Lobo With Shotguns Credits

Pedro Suarez

Gustavo Monforte
Programming Director, Level Designer

Sergio Ortiz
Project Manager, Animator

José Acosta
Art Director, Animator

Reyna Estrella
Illustrator, Concept Artist

Ana Bolio
Animator, Concept Artist

Edgar Pech
Graphic Designer

Daniel Santalla
Sound Designer

José Maldonado
Sr Programmer

Wilhem Bates
Sr Programmer

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