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Based in Yucatán, México

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Steam Linux


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$10 USD


Twin Flames is an action 2D platformer with roguelike elements and a focus on fast-paced combat and speedy movement. You can choose to be either one of the siblings and must defeat the other one. However, there’s a catch, if you take too long to reach the top of the Time Tower, your powers will die and the other god will rule time forever. So this is not only a battle against your enemies, this is a battle against time itself.


In a faraway desert, an eternal battle goes on between two siblings: the Sun God and the Moon Goddess. They fight at the top of a great tower and the victor gets to conquer time for half a day, thus creating the day-night cycle of the world and giving balance to time itself. What would happen if this cycle es broken? The fate of time itself is in your hands, this is a tragic tale made to be lived in video game form.


  • Pixels Everywhere - Explore a beautiful pixel-art realm filled with details and references.
  • Procedural World - Each rush will be quite different, so you’ll always run into new surprises.
  • Random Treasures - Lot of weapons, spells and relicts to collect.
  • Tough Foes - Your enemies get stronger and gain new abilities as the time goes down.
  • Inner Potential - Use your God Mode to unleash all your power.


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Hello world! We’re Fat Panda! We’re a team of passionate game developers and want to bring all kinds of fun video games to the world! When we’re not creating original IPs and fun games, we’re playing games ourselves! And as fellow geeks, we know we can deliver great experiences with memorable gameplay, both accessible and fun. We develop for all kinds of platforms (mobile, PC, etc.) and LOVE what we do, we hope you love it too!

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Twin Flames Credits

Pedro Suarez

Gustavo Monforte
Programming Director, Level Designer

Gerardo García
Creativity Advisor

Sergio Ortiz
Project Manager, Animator

José Acosta
Art Director, Animator

Reyna Estrella
Illustrator, Concept Artist

Ana Bolio
Animator, Concept Artist

Edgar Pech
Graphic Designer

Daniel Santalla
Sound Designer

José Maldonado
Sr Programmer

Wilhem Bates
Sr Programmer

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