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Twin Flames is a 2D action platformer with roguelike elements to spice it up. You can play as either Joachim or Boaz, a pair of God siblings who must fight for all eternity in order to bring balance and peace to the universe, whether they want to or not. However, you have a time limit to do so, that means that you must be quick and fight your way trough hordes of monsters, lethal traps and a lot of mystical mysteries in order to reach the top of the tower and become the ultimate God of Time.


In a faraway desert, an eternal battle goes on between two siblings: the Sun God and the Moon Goddess. They fight at the top of a great tower and the victor gets to conquer time for half a day, thus creating the day-night cycle of the world and giving balance to time itself. What would happen if this cycle es broken? The fate of time itself is in your hands, this is a tragic tale made to be lived in video game form.


  • Fast paced and fun combat. You can choose to either slash your enemies to pieces or blast them with a barrage of magic attacks.
  • Lots of treasure, weapons, spells and relics to collect. As you find more and more loot, your character will become stronger and even gain a few interesting abilities.
  • Explore a beautiful pixel art realm filled with color, animation and love. Each scenery is unique and interesting.
  • Replay value - As you can expect from the roguelike genre, each run will be quite different, so you’ll always run into a new surprise!


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About Fat Panda Games

We are video game studio based in Yucatán (México) with a strong focus on creating high quality games with very distinctive aesthetics. We can be very versatile, working on our own IPs, but also advergames, simulators and other interactive media. Our first project was Ghost Apocalypse, currently available for iOS, and our second and third projects are Flat Kingdom and Lobo with Shotguns, planned to be released along this year, on Steam for PC and Mac!

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Twin Flames Credits

Gerardo García
Creative Director, Project Lead

Gustavo Monforte
Programming Director, Level Developer

Pedro Suárez
Administrative Manager

Sergio Ortiz
Animator, Level and Game Designer

José Acosta
Art Director, Animator

Reyna Estrella
Illustrator, Concept Artist

José Maldonado
Programmer, Enemies and Bosses

Wilhem Bates
Programmer, Player, Dynamics and Tools

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